Vision & Mission

Education is a national priority in South Africa. It is the driving force for the future of our country. It has the power to transform lives, eradicate poverty and shape the leaders of tomorrow.

The vision of the Arup Education Trust (AET) is to enhance the quality of lives of disadvantaged youths through education and skills development with emphasis on the girl child. The AET was established in 2010 and owns 30% of Arup (Pty) Ltd. It sponsors undergraduate students pursuing degrees in all aspects of the built environment.

The mission of the AET is to provide an enabling environment that allows the students to tap into their full potential. We adopt a holistic approach that marries funding with guidance and mentorship, and empowers our students with skills and knowledge; enabling their development as successful, empowered future leaders.




Bongi Ntuli

Bongi is the Student Development and Learner Pipeline Manager at Eskom. Her…

Raymond Nkado

Professor Raymond Nkado has a passion for academic excellence and integrity of…

Noluthando Molao

Noluthando is an Associate Director at Turner & Townsend responsible for Business…

Miriam Staley

Miriam Staley is the Commercial Director and Chief Financial Officer for Arup’s…

Aamena Desai

Aamena Desai is a senior urban designer in Arup’s Cities team in…

Mahmood Takolia

Mahmood Takolia is an Associate Director at Arup and serves as an…


Established in 2011, the Arup Education Trust enhances the quality of lives of historically disadvantaged individuals through education. It is committed to the advancement of women through education and at least 50% of each year's beneficiaries must be women. No beneficiary is required to work for Arup but he or she is required to study towards a degree in the built environment. All candidates are required to remain in South Africa for three years, post graduation, thereby contributing to the country as a whole.